Imelda Corazon

she was attempting
to pilgrim in the search of
mingled memories

but even those
respond with
precedents and aftermaths
attached to
master-of-laws ready
to betray
to define himself
to the human frailty.

her husband
monitoring the fate
of those
who oppose

the uncertain
filipino’s struggle
with peasants alike
groping for nationhood,
can no longer separate
within the

Maria Kristelle Jimenez works as a freelance writer, layout artist and website specialist in Pampanga. Some of her works have been recognized by the Saranggola Blog Awards and the Gawad Digmaang Rosas. She manages KADLiT: Katipunan ng Alternatibong Dibuho, Liriko, at Titik. Her works are published in Assortedge, Philippines Graphic, and Vox Populi. She is the founder of Rebo Press Book Publishing, and the current associate editor in Filipino of Revolt Magazine. For suggestions, you may leave her a note at Reach out to Maria via Minds and MeWe.

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