Under dim lights and a pop song, they shuffled in a circle around
the reflected platform in a basement dance bar.

Their arms collapsed around their bare stomachs.
Their eyes fixed on the scraped metal floor.

On the stage, angels with no names in black heels hunch their shoulders
and shrink into the shadows.

A bell sounded, someone entered, anticipating.
She stepped forward with a required smile. Her knees shook in the spotlight.

She could be Diana. She could be Rose. She could be Mary.
Tonight, she is someone’s sin.

Tonight, in bed, tucked and neatly done, she will permit him chaos.
He will tremble in her world and make her forget herself.

A moment of fault disguised as love, only one would remember:
that she was desired not as a name but as a number.

Gari Vinluan is an advertising professional. He graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and Sociology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He is currently finishing stories for a chapbook to be released sometime this year, hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. This poem appeals to me on a personal level because my mother was one of those women. My father whom I haven’t met and I’m afraid I’ll never, is a British national. I’m not a poetry guy meaning I can’t write but love reading them. It’s nice we this like Revolt already. You have many good stories and poems. This is my favorite because it happened to us. More than that it’s beautifully written. I wish I can meet the author. He writes good poems even if they all seem sad. Your authors they’re all good. I made my mother read the poem which I shouldn’t have because she’s crying hahaha. But it’s good, right? The poem is powerful. I have the time to read all again and I will leave comments because I think more Filipinos should read stuff like this.

    Congrats, Revolt! You’re doing great! More please.

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