Revolt Magazine’s Reading Highlights for September

September marks Revolt Magazine’s second month: another milestone as we celebrate more writings in Filipino and English from the Philippines. Day of my Avatar: The road to Sixtyhood” by John A. Bello explores the concept of age and commitment as a journalist and author in the Third World. Victoria Garcia’s “Tungkol sa Proseso” revolves around those immersed in vital community work in areas that are far from the line of sight of the powers that be. Garcia’s essay draws a sharp contrast between community-centeredness and how central power controls and perceives communities, especially in the peripheries. Amado Anthony G. Mendoza III’s “Labirinto ng mga Imposibleng Antolohiya” immerses us in the possibilities of unwanted or exteriorized texts in the world of writing and reading. “A Campus Journalist’s Take on Contest Journalism and Tokenism in the Philippines” by Micah Corin A. Salonoy provides a disturbing look at how campus journalism has evolved and how tokenism has damaged the ethical mores of campus journalism in the country.




Short Story


Serial Novel

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