A String of Night Haikus

A gust of wind
travels across the downtown—
a lamppost shuts off.

Traffic lights,
headlights, eyes—
all blinking.

Along the cable
perch a flock of birds—
a rain of shit.

The sirens blare
incessantly—a girl sobs
among the crowd.

Flashlights hover
over the curled body—
a pair of eyes

From behind the bars
a wisp of smoke
drifts up to the moon.

The sheets of rooftops
look soft and white
under the moonlight.

Candies burst
from the cotton cloud
where the child sleeps.

Flooded city…
A rat’s body
floats belly-up.

in the dark—
pouring rain.

See how smooth
the soap slides down
the girl’s wet breasts.

Let me trace
that spine of yours that tempts me
like a devil’s snake.

The hanged man
swaying around the room—
a pendulum.

A dog whimpers
behind a closed door.

Deep pool of the night sky—
a black mirror upon
a million faces.

Treading softly…
Our shadows cast as one
onto the moonlit road.

Nicolo Nasol, born and raised in Cebu City, currently working as a freelance writer and editor.

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