Magnum Opus

In San Fernando, May
has become hotter and hotter
every single day and Ice cream
would not suffice
to quench my thirst and worst
this city’s burning waves is peeling
off my dried scarred skin.
I desire cold water
under water like a baptism,
submerged and almost frozen,
the cold and its bitter bite
at the bottom
like an ancient ruined city,
Here, before I dive,
I wonder how long I’ll lie
with the dolphins because
if and only if somehow
the god of death makes a mistake
and puts my body
in the rebirth file section,
I’ll embrace this scorched soul
like a religion
or perhaps or I hope
like Atlanteans, my body is desired
to be discovered by aliens
when my race is extinct
then my bones are to be exquisitely hanged
on the walls,
be sold and sought after.

Jeff William Acosta is a culinary student doubling up as a poet. His earlier works are in Scarlet Leaf Review – November 2020 issue (forthcoming) and The Dribble Drabble Review Issue 3, 2021 (forthcoming).

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