Youth Podcast to Tackle Tarlac Double Murder

Vox Populi PH, a youth writing group engaged in alternative publishing and digital media, will be premiering the third episode of its podcast, VOX POPcast, today at 9 PM PHT on the group’s Facebook page. VOX POPcast can be streamed on Spotify, Anchor, and other digital channels.

Major figures in the Vox Populi PH editorial board will be present in the broadcast, including Bryan Elijah Trajano, Micah Corin Salonoy, Marius Carlos, Jr., Maria Kristelle Jimenez and Jay-ar Paloma. Guesting for this episode is psychological first-aider Gail Sariah Castro of Project Sulong.

The episode tackles various issues, including police brutality, state impunity, child psychology, and society’s role in shaping and molding its citizens.

The episode is expected to be a no holds barred dissection of violence in Philippine society. The writers of Vox Populi PH let loose their unfiltered analyses of the events that lead to explosions of police brutality. The episode also exposes how digital spectacles figure in the shaping of culture and public opinion.

Don’t miss this vital conversation; join Vox Populi PH on their Facebook page and their central publication on Medium.


Listen to the episode now:




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