Revolt Magazine’s Reading Highlights for February 2021

February is National Arts Month in the Philippines. The Third World is often at odds with concepts like “arts” and “literature,” so it begs us to question – for whom do we create art? Who do we write for? Do we write for the bliss of catharsis, or should we be working for something bigger than all of us? This month’s reading highlights includes several powerful works from the era of the COVID-19 pandemic – essays, poetry, criticism, and fiction. As we navigate the deepening contradictions of postmodernity in Philippine society, we continue to see the sharpening of the stakes in writing, education and cultural work, in general. – EIC


Victoria Garcia’s “Umalis ka pala, bakit hindi ka nagpaalam?”

Maria Kristelle Jimenez’s “Bukambibig”

Maui Mangawang’s “The Year I Last Saw Kel”

Genevieve S. Aguinaldo “Biyaheng Butanding”    


Marren Adan’s “A Load of Those That Can Only Be Named in a Network of Neoliberal Chaos”

Ivan Emil Labayne’s “Poets on The Streets”

Jerwin Bilale Uy’s Sa Katatagan; O Kumbakit Hindi Tayo Maisasalba Ng Pananalig (Ilang Paglilimi Sa Pagtatapos Ng Taon)

Victoria Garcia’s “Isang Buntong Hininga”

Ramon Guillermo’s “The Educational Encounter in the Digital Sphere”


Hyacintha Lupig’s “Bitaw”

Dennis Andrew Aguinaldo’s “Hayaan sila sa hawi ng mga silya”

Anthony Diaz’s “Ang mga Hindi Naghihilom na Sugat sa Dila”

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