A Load of Those That Can Only Be Named in a Network of Neoliberal Chaos

E-xhibit: Body Pedagogics

The individual as an “individual” is unsettled through explorations of neoliberal dispositions on the “body”. We are not naïve on how the rhetoric of Philippine local advertisements have centered on our fear and insecurities. In America, the advertisements were observed to be more on selling insurances. The language of capitalism does not just stay as informative of the products they shove to our throats but are also significantly contributive to what notions or standards are being accepted in the society. The poor who cannot afford these products are again being ostracized by the majority who live their illusions by keeping the consumerist mentality. We are all being framed to consume even the things we don’t really need to keep our sanity. In return, we get to learn and look for all kinds of diskarte just to keep the things we use to safeguard our class fantasies.

Objectification of humans is one of the mechanisms that keep us from realizing our self-worth. Discovering and developing self-worth without consumption is bad for business.

F*****g Exhibit: “Adan at Eba” Dualism

Queer theory has been one of the responses of neo-Marxist ideologies to combat capitalism. If we deconstruct the dualism of sexuality, we tend to develop meaningful discourses on how to foster individuality without the confines of assigning gender roles. This open-mindedness shall threaten (and hopefully soon destroy) the businesses that capitalize on male-female dichotomy by selling products which are “gender customized”.

The education should foster classroom discourses which do promote gender equality. This requires a re-orientation that should happen to all educational stakeholders. In reality, such pedagogic means which desensitize us to the gender divide can be done through sustainable discursive practices that inform and actively involve students on different issues.

\ɪ’Gzɪbɪt\: Neoliberal Urbanism

We are used to applauding any urban spectacle that either public or private organizations bring to us. While some establishments or infrastructures may indeed help us in different ways, we also owe ourselves not to be blinded by the politics of it all. This prevents us from retaining the rats-in-the-maze status and actually we should take actions that would benefit the humanity in us.

Sino ang people sa People’s Park? Sino ang ka sa “Gusto ko, happy Ka”?

Ex-H-bit: Alternative Certification

Various social organizations promote social inequality. The institutions are capable of perpetuating further class inequalities. Meritocracy is one of the means that push people to embracing competition and unknowingly surrendering themselves in class divides.

Exhbt : Locating the “I”

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