Strange Intimacies

From the Author

For four months, I worked on my zine/chapbook, Strange Intimacies: Essays on Dressing Up and Consumption together with my illustrator Beyza Durmus and layout artist Roma Calderon. The three essays within this chapbook were all written during quarantine, at a time of great loneliness that’s made me feel both manic and morose. I’ve cleaved harder to certain habits, modes of being, and thinking that function as salves to my soul. Here you will find musings on pre-loved clothes, the comfort I glean from the studied language of intimacy in brand emails, and my attempt in defining the concept of ‘space’ as a creative and dreamer in my early 20s.

Zea Asis is a 23-year old writer based in Manila where she works full-time for an Australian design start-up writing and editing copy for digital greeting cards and videos. The first platform that published her personal essays was the online zine The Nearness Project, founded by contributors of former Rookie Magazine. You can check out more of her work at