We are Revolt Magazine

Part of what we envision doing in the coming years is helping build a continuous historical record of new writing in Filipino and English. This involves writing and publishing criticism and making sure that at one point in time, newer works were set to a digital file or in physical print.

Part of the effort is writing about the output of the writers of my generation and beyond – the millennials and the Gen-Z especially. But in order for criticism to take root, new essays, poetry and fiction must first be published.

The archival work that began with the plague of formalism, “art for art’s sake” and the proliferation of New Criticism in the sixties should not be the end of this process. We began with doomsday, unfortunately.

“Art for art’s sake” acted like a kill switch for literature. It was a convenient excuse for ivory tower intellectuals to disregard any writing beyond their miserable cliques. Anyone who still believes in “art for art’s sake” is probably a fence-sitter in the time of so much bloodshed and injustice. Or worse, a fascist.

We would like to begin this modest endeavor with just one thing in mind – to help strengthen the community by adding to the possible avenues for publication, even if it’s just in limited print and digital.

We are Revolt Magazine.